All of our stationery here at The Old Market Printing Co is screen-printed by hand, but what is screen-printing we here you ask?! Well, screen printing , also sometimes know as silk-screen printing is a traditional print technique where ink is transferred through a screen made from a fine mesh onto a substrate (paper / card etc...).

To transfer the artwork onto the screen we print out a black stencil of the image onto an acetate film, light sensitive emulsion is applied to the screen. Once this is dry we expose the screen and artwork to a strong light, on the areas where the light cannot reach the screen (through the black stencil) the emulsion washes off creating a stencil. The screen is then placed onto the substrate and the ink is transferred through the stencil by pulling a squeegee over the screen. The substrate is then placed in the drying rack ready for the next colour.


It may seem like a lengthy process, but its totally worth it! Screen-printing our stationery allows us to achieve incredibly rich colours it also means we can speciality inks such as metallics and neons.

Here is a short film that takes your through our screen-print process…

Video credit - our good friend  Alex Blogg