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Hello! A bit later than I promised but here is the next stage of the branding process...designing and creating a brand board.

So after collating and pinning for days I was finally ready to start the design process. The best thing about spending so long on the research stage is that I could visualise how I wanted the logo to look already, however, sometimes its easier said then done transferring your thoughts onto paper! 

After scribbling over a lot of sheets of A4 (I must have written the word 'printing' at least 500 times) nudging letters this way and that, dithering about fonts that look almost exactly the same anyway...finally the logo was finished! 

So once I was happy with the logo I took all the elements and collated them onto a brand board, The brand board is a great way to view everything in one space, like one big branding tool kit. Its a great tool to have if you ever need to share your branding with someone else, perhaps a web developer or copywriter, or if you just need to remind yourself once in a while about what on earth you're supposed to be doing!!

branding board

I hope this helps if you're going down the same route of reflection and re-branding. Just keep going, it really is worth it in the end! 

Charlotte x

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