OUR NEW LOOK - setting the mood

Hello! Welcome to our new look, hope you like it!

After a few years of what felt like bodged together branding it felt like it was time for a re-fresh. So I bought a book and got to work, I'd highly recommend 'How to style your brand' by Fiona Humberstone I found it super easy to follow and it just made perfect sense!

I really enjoyed working through the book methodically, answering the questions and learning about us as a business and how we want to be perceived. It was refreshing and exciting, I guess it was already something I knew but it was all covered up by brain fog that had been left behind by the first year of parenthood. Going through this process gave me so much clarity and not only left me excited, but I fell in love all over again with what we do. 

Definitely the most hardest part was describing our brand in 3 words, I really tried to get it down to 3 words but after many searches through the encyclopedia I still couldn't nail it down to 3. So I settled for 4 - artistic, stylish, friendly, quality.

After a lot of note scribbling and spider diagrams I finally got to the fun part of creating the mood board...


I've created a pinterest board here where you can see all the images that inspired the new branding.

Next week, the design process....