Would you wear trainers to your wedding?

Back in 2006 I bought my first pair of uber cool trainers, they were a collaboration between Adidas and tennis legend Steffi Graf, white with lime green accents, neon pink stripes and even had mini cutout stars on the toe. I thought I was the bees knees, and so did Jonny evidently!
It soon became common knowledge between family and friends that we shared a serious love of trainers. It did get a bit ridiculous and our shoe rack was often commented on - ‘these can’t surely all be yours?! etc etc…

Our taste in footwear has become a lot more refined in its older age, the racks of brightly coloured garish trainers have been replaced by a select few pairs of very neutral coloured Vans, Puma Suedes and even boots…very sensible. I’d like to say this new restraint in trainer purchasing is down to self control and sensibility, but alas no, it’s merely the fact that now we are adults and have responsibilities, a child being one of these. Now days our hard earned cash is spent on much more sensible purchases such as nappies…and red wine.

mr and mrs nike air max 1s

Back in 2014 when we tied the knot, our trainer obsession was very much still in play, even so that the best men at our wedding bought us matching Nike Air Max 1s…not only matching, but personalised too. Now if you happened to be at our wedding and witnessed their speech, you would agree this is the least they could have done! I write this now with a warm fuzzy feeling of nostalgia and the smallest of smiles creeping across my face. Lets just say they most definitely ignored all advice they read online about how to write a best man’s speech, especially one of the most vital points…do not make jokes about the bride…thank guys. At least the old folks sat at the back of the marquee didn’t hear a word and most importantly couldn’t see the slide show on the projector screen…yep you get the picture.  


We had both considered wearing trainers on the big day but I was looking forward to my princess moment and Jonny actually welcomed the opportunity to get all dapper and buy his first pair of proper brogues.
Like Jonny i’m sure there are a lot of men out there that feel uncomfortable wearing proper shoes to a wedding, if you spend your life in trainers then sometimes wearing shoes can be totally alien. We had a pretty relaxed wedding so the dress code was very open, it was by the sea and more of a festival vibe, so literally anything went. We had top-hats to flip-flops, not to mention Uncle Pete in his white suit and black shirt, that was special. But we couldn’t have cared less, just as long as there was enough cider, enough pasties and everyone was having fun.
Now obviously this is just my view, I know there are a lot of couples out there that welcome the formality and traditions of a wedding, and this is totally understandable. You shed out a hell of a lot of money to make sure your nearest and dearest are well fed, well watered and entertained. The least they can do is put on a pair of shoes! 

Since the launch of Pinterest back in 2010 and the wonder of its never ending source of inspirations, it seems wedding’s are becoming less and less about the formal traditions. Our eyes have been opened to the many possibilities of how to tie the knot. With more weddings in random places and a lot more happening abroad, we start to see the traditional wedding guest attire becoming, well, a lot less traditional too. The other day I even saw a bra top at a wedding, I mean?…bit far?…

Trainers have become such a major part of fashion in the last few years, just looks at the amount of bloggers we saw wearing Adidas Stan Smiths back in 2015 (or was it last year? The years just merge into each other at the moment!) then came the influx of Gazels, i’m a big fan of Gazels, one of the only shoes I could get my massive swollen pregnancy feet into. Now suddenly the streets are full of Vans Authentic’s (and rightly so, they’re a nice shoe!). Its crazy, once you notice a few people wearing them, they are literally everywhere. 

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So with this recent reflux of trainers into our everyday and not so everyday lives… how would you feel about your guests wearing trainers to your wedding? Or would you consider wearing trainers to your own wedding?
Personally, If I could do it all over again I’d still go for the princess moment, but this time my glass slippers would be covered in glitter! 

Charlotte x

btw, I forgive you guys, love you!

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